Top 5 Ways to Enjoy the Fall Weather With Your Kids

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It’s been over a month since the end of summer but like everyone else, I’m still pretty bummed about its end! How did it pass us so quickly? Now that the weather is truly getting a bit nippy, I think there is nothing we can do but fully embrace all that is great about Fall. Bring out the sweaters and anything pumpkin or apple spiced and let’s get our Fall on!

In fact, Fall is an awesome time to get outside and explore with the kids. The scenery is gorgeous, the leaves are changing color and the temperature is at a nice comfortable 60+ (at least here on the East Coast). You are not being beaten by the oppressive heat or humidity! You know what? Maybe Fall is a welcome change after all!

Here are some tried and true fun outdoor adventures you and your kids can enjoy before Old Man Winter roars in.

#1 Hiking – with the crisp cool air and changing foliage there are so many wonderful places to go hiking this fall in the tri-state area. This is one of our favorites:
Mohonk Mountain Preserve – it is a close drive from NYC and it has 34 trails to explore. Perfect for beginners to the adventurous types. The trails are typically very well marked and the view is gorgeous. But for those feeling more adventurous, you can attempt to tackle the rock scramble. When you make it to the top – the view is breathtaking and well worth all the effort to get to the peak!

When at the top – take a moment to truly take in the sights! Depending on when you make it up to the top, it can get pretty sunny up there. Not a bad idea to keep a pair of sunnies handy. Ideally the sunglasses should be polarized as these type of lenses will help keep the glare down and ensure the hike is an enjoyable experience for the little ones. If you are looking for the best quality kids polarized sunglasses look no further, check out our collection

mohonk rock scramble with toucca kids sunglasses

#2 Hit up a seaside town – this one is not as obvious – but we had friends who swear by going to Ocean City, MD in the offseason. Sure! Ocean City, with buckets of crab and delicious boardwalk treats, is a summer must-have, but you can still enjoy all of that without the crazy crowds. Imagine having the beach all to yourself and your family as you walk on the cool crisp sand while enjoying the lulling sounds of the waves! Sounds pretty relaxing to me.

kids playing on a cool beach day

#3 Take a scenic drive along one of NJ’s 8 scenic byways.  You know NJ as the Garden State, but apparently it also has a great scenic drive – what better way to let your little ones enjoy Fall’s mild weather than cruising in the car with the windows down and their cool toucca kids polarized sunglasses on.  Just imagine them sticking their hand out of the window as the wind caresses through their fingers. Along the way, they can see some epic sights like the Washington Crossing where George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War. Scenic drive and learning moment, what could be better?

Scenic drive through hudson valley

#4 Take a hot air balloon ride – what better way to take in the sights and enjoy the Fall weather than floating 3,000 feet in the air. Now, this is probably not ideal for kids under 6, but still a great activity to consider. While flying close to the sun, be sure to keep your sunglasses handy as the glare can be hard on their eyes.

Hot air ballon ride


#5 Halloween is right around the corner – there are some amazing corn mazes, pumpkin picking activities to tackle.  Who doesn’t love picking up some pumpkins and then enjoying the requisite apple cider and the often decadent apple cider donuts! One of which is never enough. These are some of the farms that we love:

Love corn maze do it this fall
Best Farm to hit if you have toddlers and little ones
Anyone with kids younger than 6 knows that they have the attention span of a fly. So if your kids are in this age group – you want a smaller size farm with a good amount of activities to keep them occupied but still entertained.

Hurds Family Farm in Modena, New York is perfect. There are a bunch of activities like hayrides, a little obstacle course, and a petting zoo. All the things that the little ones enjoy. And if they are brave enough – the corn maze at Hurds is only 2 acres so it is quite manageable with the parents' assistance of course! This farm is open daily from August 31 through Nov. 3rd.

Best Farm to hit if you want to make it a full day outing

We love going to Stony Hill Farm. It is massive, the maze is 10-acres – if you are not careful you can definitely get lost in it. Beyond that, there are other mini corn mazes, a rope maze to break in some variety. If that’s not enough to keep you busy, there are some farm-themed board games and a playground to keep you occupied after. Stony Hill Farm is open daily from August 31st through November 10th.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful weather and get out there and make your own adventures!