Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Ages 6-10)

When screen time is unavoidable. Give them these best blue light glasses that will protect their eyes from harmful blue light. Our lightweight but durable blue blocker glasses are designed just for kids. Comfort is key so that they will want to keep it on.

Sunglasses (Ages 6-12)

Sunglasses they will want to wear!
Polarized kids sunglasses for children from ages 6-12
Super comfortable fit that's just right!

Sunglasses (Ages 2-5)

Durable and Protective
Polarized kids sunglasses for children from ages 2 to 5.
handcrafted sunglasses in classic styles — shaped, sized, & packaged with kids in mind

Designed Especially for Kids
  • Polarized Scratch-Resistant Lenses
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • Handcrafted Hypoallergenic Frame
  • Super Durable Spring Hinges