Our Process

How are Our Sunglasses Crafted?



As with all good products, we spent a lot of time with our designer reviewing acetate chips and coming up with unique color combinations. Once done, we went through multiple rounds of prototypes and tried them on kids to make sure we got the right sizing and fit! With each round, we fine-tuned the technical design files until the blueprint for our product was optimized for all those cute little faces we had in mind.



With the technical drawing as our guide, the team was ready to start production. The operators use various heavy machinery to cut out all the various components of the sunglasses. The frame is first cut from an acetate block with a routing machine to get the rough shape for the front of the frame.


Polishing & Milling

Once the components are made, it is time to give the acetate frames their impeccable glass-like finish. To make that happen, the frames are tumbled like butter in a huge barrel with a mix of wood chips and small stones. Doing so for 12 hours gives each of our frames a long-lasting luster.


Assembling & Final Production

In the final stage, the technicians take the finished components and start assembling. The temples and the frame fronts are hand-assembled with German OBE 5 barrel Flex Uno spring hinges. With regular sunglasses, the screws holding the hinge loosen over time. To ensure that this does not happen, we used rubber-tipped screws so that it is locked into the hinge.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of how Toucca Kids sunglasses are made and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed developing them.

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