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Sunglasses for little ones on big adventures

Hi, We're Toucca.

We make accessories to equip modern day mini-explorers for adventures beyond the backyard. Our handcrafted sunglasses are designed to withstand play, keeping bright eyes protected through the seasons and their stories.

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Our Purpose

Bright eyes need big protection

Little ones need protection for their developing eyes even more than big people do. In fact, 70% more UV rays can reach children’s retinas than adults' due to their underdeveloped pupils.

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70% more harmful UV rays reach a child’s retinas

Serious Eye Protection Comes Standard
  • 100% UVA/B Protection
  • Polarized scratch-resistant lenses
  • Extra durable spring hinges

Our Difference

Built to withstand play, and outlast adventures

With an extra-large nose pad that rests comfortably on kids’ little noses, strong, flexible temples that stay in place as they race across fields, polarized coated, shatter and scratch-resistant lenses that stay intact as they fall and pick themselves up again. Our sunglasses are designed to withstand play.

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“When your kids are cooler than you! stylish sunglasses for the modern kid.”
“The sophisticated frame is timeless and will make him feel suave
“Provide your little ones with these polarized sunwear. They’ll thank you in the long run.”
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Toucca Sunglasses -

Our Story

our bright idea

The mom and dad of a boy with a toy fox named Toucca set out to design a line of sunglasses made especially for children.

Toucca Sunglasses -

Our Process

Making of Classics

Each pair of our sunglasses undergoes over 15 different steps as it is shaped, sized and packaged with small humans in mind.