Do Kids Really Need to Wear Sunglasses?

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Before we became parents, we always thought it was the cutest thing when little kids wore sunglasses. It always seemed more of a fashion statement than anything else. However; since we've embarked on this little adventure, we've gotten quite a schooling on the importance of protecting your child's eyes. 

We all love the sun; it makes those summer days at the beach glorious. But don’t be fooled, the sun is powerful. It’s UV rays can be quite damaging if one is not careful. My wife and I have unfortunately experienced the wrath of the sun on more than one account while vacationing in the tropics. We’ve still got the sunburn marks to prove it. Just a few unprotected hours out in the sun turned us into bright red rock lobsters that winced with pain every time we touched our skin (I shudder just thinking about it!). Now just imagine what kind of damage those same UV rays can do to your little one's vulnerable eyes. In fact, people often only think about skin protection but eye protection is just as important.

Now that you've looked through this fun chart hopefully we have changed your mind about being more vigilant about protecting your own and your child's eyes.

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