How to Best Clean Your Children's Sunglasses?

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The excitement is palpable! You’ve just received your long-awaited toucca kids sunglasses; both you and your little one can’t wait to open the box and start wearing it so that you can capture some Instagram worthy photos to share with friends and family. The frame is pristine and the lenses are crystal clear. Your nugget puts it on and nothing completes a well-planned outfit better than a stylish pair of shades. Things are going great, everyone enjoying the new accessory


Bam, there you see it, unmistakable and inevitable smudges all over the lens. No one ever plans to get their sunglasses dirty, but hey things happen (especially when there are little grubby fingers involved!)  Everything from dust from playing outside at the park or sweat from your little one’s face can all contribute to the persistent grime.

Your first instinct is to grab the sunglasses from your little one’s face, then proceed to use the tail from your shirt to wipe that smudge away from existence… STOP! That is the last thing you should do. Can you imagine how dirty your shirt is from being out and about? Now imagine rubbing all that dirt on the frame and lens as you attempt to remove the smudge. While you may be able to clean it off, over the long run you are damaging the lens by causing micro scratches that will become more visible over time.

So now you’re wondering, what should you use if not your shirt? How about the tried and true combination of your breath and a soft tissue. Surely, that will give the sunglasses a nice clean? Nope, don’t do that either! Tissues and paper towels are paper products, which are made from trees. Last we checked, trees are not exactly soft. Can you imagine using tree bark to wipe clean your sunglasses? Not a good idea.

If neither of these approaches is right, what should you do? For a more immediate clean, use the microfiber pouch that comes with all Toucca Kids sunglasses to wipe away the grime. The microfiber material will clean without leaving any fuzz or residue. For a much deeper clean, all you need is a dollop of dishwashing detergent and warm water. Put the detergent between your index finger and your thumb and rub the front and back of the lens, then the rest of the frame. Once it’s fully cleaned, carefully rinse it with warm water. Dry your sunglasses thoroughly using a microfiber or lint-free cloth.

Now that your sunglasses are clean again, what is one basic step you can take to ensure that you can keep it clean and smudge-free longer? When not wearing it, just put it back in the microfiber pouch or the clamshell case.

So just to recap, what are some things NOT TO DO when attempting to clean your sunglasses:

  • Do not use paper products (paper towels, tissues, napkins) – they really are not soft and are notorious for leaving fine scratches on your lenses. You might not notice them now, but over time they will be more visible. Also, they leave fuzz on your lenses and frame that are near impossible to remove.
  • Do not use Windex or any ammonia-based cleaners. Ammonia can strip off the scratch-resistant coating on the lenses which can leave the lenses more vulnerable to future damage. So just say no to Windex.
  • Do not use your shirt tail to clean. Dirt and grime can easily get embedded into the fabric of your clothing while you are out and about, so why make the situation worse and clean with dirty fabric.

Follow these simple steps and your Toucca Kids sunglasses will look as good as the day they came out of the box!