toucca kids - 5 sunglasses myths that can hurt your child's eye

5 Sunglasses Myths That Can Hurt Your Child's Eye

With summer in full swing, your little ones are ready for fun in the sun! Along with the sunscreen and big floppy sun hat, don’t forget protecting your little one’s eyes is of the utmost importance. We’re here to set the record straight on the top 5 myths about sunglasses. 

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toucca kids - Top 10 Travel Must Haves

Top 10 Must Haves to Ensure A Tantrum Free Flight to Paradise

Vacation time is exciting, however; when you have kids, not only do we have to tackle all of the traditional vacation planning – but we have to now give serious thought to how we will survive that dreadful flight to and from paradise! Here are our Top 10 Must Haves when Travelling with our son.

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toucca kids - How Our Sunglasses Are Made

How Are toucca kids Sunglasses Made?

As an inspiration from my Brooklyn Bridge experience, we wanted to give you a little glimpse into the steps needed to create a pair of kid sunglasses, and we hope it will give  you a better understanding of what we are trying to achieve with this collection.

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