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My daughter picked the color and loves them

Trying to switch from 'disposable' sunglasses to real ones. So far so good! Like the package.

Nice Kids sunglasses!

The glasses look and feel well built, come with a nice carry box and also a carry pouch to protect them. My girl like the feel, and they stay on her fine unlike others. I hope they will last her a few years!

Love these shades!

My 9yo asked me to order these for her and she loves them. She likes her “grownup” sunglasses and often wears them like a headband too. I’d recommend for other parents to buy these for their kids.

Good product but did not arrive on time so we could not use it for our trip.

Brandon Polarized | Red Havana

Love these shades!

We love these cute shades for our 6yo. She loved wearing them by the pool during a recent family vacation. And I know we’ll continue using them as the weather warms up.

Sunglasses 6+

I bought a pair of adorable sunglasses for my rising 7year old. They are beautiful and look so great on! The best is the hard shell, but not huge case to keep them protected. These are amazing sunglasses and I’ll likely buy them in black for her too :)

Dylan Polarized | Classic Tortoise

Great sunglasses, but a little loose on face

These sunglasses are very cute and well-made! Unfortunately, I think we will be returning them because they don't stay on my daughter's face well. I'm not sure it's the fault of the glasses--she has a pretty small nose/bridge, so I think we need sunglasses with pads to keep them put.

These sunglasses are great!

These sunglasses were a great purchase. They are well-made and stylish - my mini diva loves them. I will definitely buy them again if we need another pair in the future!

Adorable & Stylish

Great sunglasses! Comfortable and look amazing.

Great pair of sunglasses!

I purchased these sunglasses to fit over my prescription glasses. The online measurements made it easy for me to determine if they would be a good fit. Very happy with the purchase!

Blue light/ocean green

My granddaughter absolutely loves wearing these glasses! She’s just 7 so it makes her parents and me happy knowing we are helping to protect her beautiful eyes.

Gorgeous color

My granddaughter loves her glasses so much. They are so stylish & well made. Thank you for your thoughtful products!

Great sunglasses!

I've purchased several pairs of sunglasses for my 9 yo kids in the past few years, hoping to protect their eyes and relieve some of that bright sun eye strain when they are outside for long stretches or in the car. Knowing how much I love my polarized lenses I've purchased two pairs of polarized sunglasses, but they never really liked them. They love the Toucca glasses! They fit their faces better and provide excellent sun blocking. Plus, they look more like adult glasses, which they prefer. My kids are just about to turn 10 and I see these glasses fitting for a couple of years.

Excellent fit for a 2.5 year old wish there were some gators to keep them on in the sun

Stylish and adorable!

These are the only sunglasses that my 8yr old daughter will wear! Love this brand 💗

What Sunglasses

Still have not received my kids sunglasses so i cannot give a positive review… or really any review.

Very high quality. Perfect for kid use.

Love them!

These were the perfect touch for my extremely sassy 5 year old! Can’t wait to take them in our family cruise this summer!!!


So cute, very well-made, came with a nice case and silky-smooth bag. Fits my 5 year old perfectly! My feeling is he will outgrow them or lose them, rather than breaking them, since they are so well-made. Thanks Toucca!

So pretty

These sunglasses are so well made and pretty, my daughter loves them. (Got her 2 pairs) The packaging is very nice too. :)


Love them, for my granddaughter’s birthday. Can’t wait to to give them to her.

Super cute

Awesome, only suggestion is take off toucca on arms or make super tiny

These are no joke

These sunglasses don't look like kids sunglasses. They're not flimsy and they're not emblazoned with a patronizing brand name that includes the word "baby." These look like real grown-up sunglasses. They're high-quality, durable, and stylish sunglasses that my son will actually be able to wear for longer than two days.